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Hands-on STEM Workshops To-Go!

The Lancaster Science Factory offers a variety of hands-on STEM programs that can be brought to your group in the classroom, library, or almost anywhere! We have a wide selection of customizable workshops on topics like engineering, chemistry, robotics, and more. All programs can be tiered for any grade level K – 8th. Activities for each workshop may vary depending on grade level and length of the program.

Science Factory To Go Pricing

Choose any workshop on the menu below for 60 minutes or longer: $200 per hour of instruction with a maximum of 6 hours per day. Workshops have a maximum capacity of 25 students.




Hands-on Math

We know that getting students excited about math can sometimes be challenging. The Lancaster Science Factory has 20 hands-on math exhibits that help students feel more confident about math topics. Subjects include fractions, place value, volume, shapes, measurement, and more.

You can create a customized experience with activities that align with educational standards for each grade. The exhibits can be brought to your school for one or more days! Choose up to 7 from the list below:


Wind Power

Students will use an assortment of tools and materials to fulfill a specific design challenge. Students will examine how energy is transformed to generate electricity or explore real-world ways engineering can combat climate change. Activities based on grade level may include building a sailcar, and generating power with windmills.

Structural Engineering

Students will be presented with a design challenge where they must think like an engineer to solve it. Challenges based on grade level may include keva plank blueprints, catapults, bridges, towers, or balancing nails.

Electric Motors

Students will explore the properties of electromagnetism and energy flow while building circuits that can power electric motors and generators.

Circuit Lab

Students will learn about electricity and how energy flows while building and experimenting with a variety of circuits from simple to complex. Activities based on grade level may include circuit boards, snap circuits, or paper circuits.


Students will learn the basics of robotics and programming while interacting with Edison Robots. Robotics programs can be tiered for any grade level.

Newton’s Laws of Motion

Students will learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion and use them to perform dazzling feats! Activities based on grade level may include the tablecloth trick, remove the platform, egg drop devices, balloon races, and many more.

Biome in a Box

Students will learn about the different environments and habitats in which animals live. They will build an environment including terrain, plants, and animals in a box to take home.

Kitchen Chemistry

Students will explore chemical reactions using common household ingredients. Things may get messy! Experiments based on grade level may include acid-base reactions, decomposition chemistry, pressure and gas, and chromatography.

Create Art with Science

Students will create a watercolor project using household items like salt, baking soda, and vinegar. Activities based on grade level and time may be free-form or use stencils. Watch the watercolor react with the items to create a unique piece of art. Students take home what they make.

Our Solar System

Students will learn the order and characteristics of the planets in our solar system as they design and create a model individually or in small groups. Activities will vary based on allotted time and grade level.

Create a Constellation

Students will choose a constellation and use skills like measurement, cutting, and design to recreate it on paper.







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