Legacy Society

Any donor who has included the Lancaster Science Factory in their estate plans, whether through a charitable bequest in their will or in another form, are automatically welcomed as a lifelong member of our Legacy Society.  Members of our Legacy Society will be invited to special Science Factory events, included in exclusive updates, and more as we this grow this important initiative.

To join our Legacy Society, please complete the LSF Estate Gift Intention Form and return it to the Science Factory’s Development Office at 454 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17602, or send an electronic copy to  [email protected].


Why endowment?

Since our founding in 2008, the Lancaster Science Factory has grown into a beloved local institution that is “here to stay.” During normal years, approximately 50% of our budget is supported by paid programs and admission, with the other 50% coming from fundraising toward need-based scholarship and access programs. What we learned from the pandemic, however, is that you can’t always rely on traditional income streams. With interest from our endowment, the Science Factory will have a sustainable, resilient third income stream that will support our mission, underfunded programs, and new opportunities.

Thank you for considering the long term sustainability of the Lancaster Science Factory and leaving a legacy through an endowment gift!

There are multiple ways for donors to give to LSF’s endowment:

(1) An unrestricted gift of any amount, via cash or a planned gift for the future (e.g., gifts by will, trust, beneficiary designation).

(2) If donors have a preference for how the income from their endowment gift is used, we have three named endowments that support evergreen annual needs: the Einstein Endowment, the Curie Endowment, and the Schrodinger’s Cat Endowment.



Einstein Endowment
– Staff Salaries
– Professional Development






Curie Endowment
– Building Expenses (Rent, CAM, Utilities)
– New Exhibits & Current Exhibit Maintenance
– STEM Educational Programs & Need-based Access Programs





Schrodinger’s Cat Endowment
– Any urgent and current need
– Could be in the Einstein / Curie categories, or other



(3) For donors making an endowment gift of >$50,000, either in cash or through your estate plans, please contact Rob Reed at the Development Office at [email protected] or 717-824-0513 if you would like to discuss an alternate named endowment for approved purposes.

Please contact Rob Reed at the Development Office at [email protected] or 717-824-0513 to contribute to our endowment through either a current or future gift.

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