Free Visits Through the Youth Access Program

We are proud to offer youth-serving non-profit organizations in Lancaster County free admission to the Lancaster Science Factory through our Youth Access Program. 

Our mission is to make sure the Science Factory is accessible to everyone in our community.


Non-profit organizations serving youth who have a physical or developmental disability OR demonstrate financial need located in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.


School District of Lancaster grades 1-8 visiting on a field trip.

WHERE: The grant covers class or group visits to the Science Factory, 454 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster, PA

COST: Admission for students, visiting as a class or group, will be paid by the Science Factory. Teachers and staff support are free, as a part of the normal admission policy of the Science Factory. Groups are also permitted one free chaperone based on the age and number of students. Individual students, not visiting with a class, will be charged the standard admission fee.

TEACHERS AND CHAPERONES: One chaperone/teacher is required for every four students in grade 3 or below or for every five students in grade 4 or above.

CLASS VISIT ACTIVITY GUIDES: Class visit activity guides can be found on our website. You can also view how our exhibits meet the PA Academic Standards.

ENROLLMENT: Any youth-serving non-profit in Lancaster County is eligible to apply.  Any School District of Lancaster class in grades 1-8 is also eligible.  Please contact Amanda Bakay at 717-509-6363 x102 or [email protected] for more details about applying to visit under the Youth Access Program.  You must make a reservation in order to take advantage of the free admission.

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