Joanne Trusz

Joanne would have never imagined herself working at a science center!  After graduating college, she pursued a career on stage and performed musical theater locally and regionally for several years.  She remembers this as one of the best times of her life and she learned so much from the musical theater world.  She also learned that her true passions are helping others grow and handing down her wealth of knowledge.  Joanne taught dance, acting, and music for 25 years through the Fulton Theater and several local dance and performing arts schools. 

Joanne wanted to reach a wider audience of students so she became a substitute teacher.  Before joining the team at the Science Factory, she touched the minds of many students at the School District of Lancaster. She feels the best part has been working one on one with students to help them see how intelligent they are and to help them access the knowledge they already have.  As a member of the education team at the Science Factory, Joanne brings a unique worldview and enthusiasm for jumping from one type of program to another. Whether she’s in the Maker Space connecting circuits, teaching about robotics in an outreach program, or crafting at the Science Cafe, Joanne is passionate about helping students learn and grow!



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