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Kara Newhouse talks with Emily Landis of the Lancaster Science Factory on the Women in STEM podcast

In this week’s episode, reporter Kara Newhouse speaks with Emily Landis, executive director at the Lancaster Science Factory, an interactive science center. Landis has a master’s degree in forensic anthropology and spent six years at the National Geographic Society, directing their grant-making in research, conservation and exploration.

Some of the things she talks about in this podcast are:

• the year she spent dissecting a human cadaver and what it taught her about interdisciplinary work.

• why her mom once let her skip class to go to the library.

• her vow to keep the number of countries she’s visited higher than her age.

• ways to make STEM learning accessible for kids and adults.

In recommendations, Landis suggests reading “Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World” by Rachel Ignotofsky and listening to the “Radio Lab” podcast. Newhouse recommends listening to “Star Talk Radio.”

Via @ Lancaster Online 

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