Use the Force

Bouncing, rolling, spinning, and falling! Motion is all about force and we hope that it’s with you ask you explore all of the  motion and mechanical advantage exhibits at the Science Factory.

Mechanics & Motion Exhibits

The following are exhibits about Mechanics & Motion currently on display in the Museum:

  • Ball Tracks – Galileo Track, High Road and Hilly Road, High Load and Low Road
  • Magnetic Wall – Build Your Own Ball Runs!
  • Gravity Racer
  • Gravity Well
  • Kinetic Energy Machine
  • Magnetic Motion Wall
  • Mini-Racers
  • Newton’s Cradle
  • Pendulum Lab  – Amplitude, Mass, Pendulum Snake, Short Pendulum, and Sand Pendulum
  • Various Science Cafe Activities (rotating)
  • Super Bounce
Girl Inside Factory

The forces of gravity are at work at the Gravity Well.

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