Attention Visitors: The Lancaster Science Factory is in peak field trip season. Expect school groups every weekday from 10am - 1pm.

Growing with STEM – by Design!

Our Maker Space classes build the critical thinking and creativity of kids in grades 3 – 8. Join a six-week series of 90-minute classes led by our professional educator. Students will love the interactive lessons that allow them to use tools and technology they can’t do in school.

Each class is $15 per student. Sign up for all six and receive one free! Space is limited to 12 students. All students are welcome to stay and play in our exhibit hall with a parent for free after class!



Thursdays @ 4pm,

Junk Drawer Inventor: Students in this class will use up-cycled household and common objects to solve a variety of engineering challenges. Creativity and critical thinking will be key as students make cardboard creations, build cities and bridges, take apart and reimagine toys, build hydraulic lifts and more! Each 90-minute class is designed to make students look differently at the world around them, observing common objects and imagining new purposes for them.

Fridays @ 2pm

Circuit Lab: In each 90-minute class 3rd – 8th grade students will learn how electricity flows in a circuit by making them from different materials such as paper, conductive ink, dough, and more. They’ll learn the relationship between energy and magnetism, and how electricity can be converted to kinetic energy (motion).


Masks are required in our facility. All COVID-19 safety policies apply.

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