Sensory Play to Promote Learning

Sensory play is very important – especially for young children. It assists with brain development and also with motor skills. It also positively impacts the cognitive growth that is required for language, social, and critical thinking skills! Our STEM Educator, Angel Kilyan, loves using this bubble sensory play bin in our PASTE Pre-K program.

In addition to the positive impacts listed here, sensory bins can help kids decompress and relieve stress, especially when they are very young and may not yet have the language skills to talk about their feelings.


For this sensory bin you’ll need a large container, a spoon, water, liquid soap or bubble bath, and water-safe toys.

Fill your container with a small amount of water and then add LOTS of soap.

Mix your solution with the spoon to get lots of bubbles. The goal is to have lots more soap than water. Add more soap if needed. When you’ve gotten a soft, damp consistency, add the toys. Try using toys with lots of different shapes, sizes, and textures.

Play and enjoy!


Science and Sensory Play

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