Try something new!

The Maker Space at the Lancaster Science Factory offers many engaging, hands-on workshops. Try your hand at a new skill, make something yourself and take it home, or just stop by to tinker and play!  Here are our current workshop offerings. Check out the calendar of events to see what is coming up during your next visit!




Build and keep simple robot that uses an electric motor to make art!

All ages – 30 minutes – $4.95



Cardboard Creations!

Your imagination is your only limitation in this open-ended workshop. Cars, houses, masks, moving sculptures? You can make all of these (and more) using the engineering design process and the power of cardboard!

Ages 5+ – 45 minutes  $4.95 per participant



Intro to Robotics

Learn the basics of robotics and programming while interacting with Edison Robots.

All ages – 30 minutes – $4.95 per participant

Circuit Playground Express

Learn about block programming and create your own unique LED patterns.

Ages 8+ – 30 – $4.95 per participant




Wind Power

Design and build contraptions that use the power of the wind to move, lift objects, and generate electricity!

Ages 5+ – 45 minutes – $4.95 per participant



Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Did you know that you can use air and water to move things?  Design and build structures like arms and lifts that can move with fluid power technology!

Ages 8+ – 45 minutes – $4.95 per participant



It’s time to skill up!  Learn how to use woodworking tools to create a simple box.

Ages 8+  – 60 minutes – $9.95 per participant



Soft Circuits

Build some electric bling!  The worlds of sewing and electronics collide as you make your own unique LED wristband.

Ages 8+ – 60 minutes – $9.95 per participant



3D Printing

Learn the basics of 3D printing by completing a print of your own! You can design it yourself, or choose from a variety of ready-to-print files.

Ages 5 + – 45 minutes – $9.95 per participant

Paper Circuits

Use copper (conductive) tape and LEDs to create circuits on paper. Make simple or complex circuits into greeting cards, animals, or anything else you can imagine!

All ages- 30 minutes – $4.95 per participant


Flying Machines

Using rubber band powered propellers, make your own unique glider or helicopter!

All ages – 30 minutes – $4.95

Maker Arcade

Did you know you can make your own arcade-style games? Stop by to check out some super fun games in our Maker Space, and make one of your own!
5 & up – 30 minutes – $4.95 per participant

Music Makers

Come join us the Maker Space to make your very own musical instrument! Each round of workshops will feature a different instrument.
5 & up – 30 minutes – $4.95 per participant

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